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Bridging the gap between text and technology, Sing Lit Station presents an online masterclass series, Zoom A Writer. The Zoom A Writer series gets you up close and personal with poetry, fiction and literary practice in Singapore. Learn about various facets of creative writing from Singapore’s leading writers while baring your soul in the privacy of your own home.

The masterclasses offered in this series consists of:
  • 'Speculative Fiction in Short Stories' with Wayne Rée
  • 'Telling Our Stories with Art(e)Facts' with Eva Wong Nava
  • 'Coping Mechanisms: Exploring the Human Condition Through Fiction Writing' with Daryl Qilin Yam

Photo credits: Jon Gresham (www.igloomelts.com) for Eva Wong Nava and Daryl Qilin Yam | Wayne Rée for Wayne Rée

Only valid student concession passes will be allowed for the purchase of student admission tickets.

About the masterclasses:

Wayne Rée | 'Speculative Fiction in Short Stories' | 8th October, 7.30PM - 10.30PM
How do you fit an entire universe into just a few thousand words? In this masterclass, Wayne Rée delves into the experience of writing compelling speculative fiction short stories—and how he’s managed to work expansive settings, compelling characters and out-of-this-world ideas into bite-sized tales.

Wayne Rée is the author of Tales From a Tiny Room, which New York Times best-selling creator, David Mack, called “a charming book of original stories, each with its own voice and personality.” He’s contributed to regional and international anthologies such as Infinite Worlds Magazine and LONTAR. He’s also the co-creator of the supernatural/ wuxia/ western comic, Mr Memphis, and the narrative podcast, Ghost Maps.

Eva Wong Nava | 'Telling Our Stories with Art(e)Facts' | 13th October, 7.30PM - 10.30PM
Explore and partake in the process of creative writing using art works from the National Gallery Singapore collection as prompts. Study the works of art and learn about an international art movement known as Social Realism and its context in Singapore. Using elements in the works of art, participants will understand the rhetorical device of ekphrasis and use that to write a piece of fictional work.

Eva Wong Nava is a writer and art historian. She is the founder of CarpeArte Journal, an online space, where flash fiction meets art. Eva’s flash fiction has appeared in various places and her articles on art have been published in international art journals. She was nominated for the Pushcart Prize and her debut middle-grade book, Open: A Boy’s Wayang Adventure, was awarded the bronze medal at the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, 2018. Eva has also been a speaker at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content on writing about diversity and representing marginalised voices. Eva currently lives in London with her family and two squirrels.

Photo credit: Jon Gresham

Daryl Qilin Yam | 'Coping Mechanisms: Exploring the Human Condition Through Fiction Writing' | 15th October, 7.30PM - 10.30PM
Learn what it means to write about emotional hardship and discover ways in which writers operating in a variety of mediums have represented pain, grief and existential suffering via the journeys their characters have undertaken, and explore how these creative trajectories can consequently inform our own practices of fiction. Each participant will be equipped with pre-assigned readings that illuminates the human condition, strategies to generate stories and scenarios, and opportunities to have their own work examined and critiqued.

Participants will need to come 1) fully prepared to discuss the pre-assigned reading and 2) to do some generative, on-the-spot creative writing exercises. Participants will also need to submit a piece of fiction (1500 - 2000 words) for critique. Finally, due to the potentially sensitive and triggering nature of the content that might be shared, participants will also need to be respectful of one another's needs while also bearing an open heart and an open mind; participants found to be repeatedly disrespectful and intentionally disruptive will be asked to leave the class.

Daryl Qilin Yam (b.1991) is a writer of prose and poetry, editor and arts organiser. His first novel, Kappa Quartet (Singapore: Epigram Books, 2016), was longlisted for the inaugural Epigram Books Fiction Prize, and has been released in Singapore and in the U.K. It was selected by The Business Times as one of the best novels of 2016, and was described by QLRS as “[breaking] new ground in Singaporean writing… a shimmering and poignant novel, an immensely sympathetic and humane exploration of our existential condition.” He is presently working on a second novel with support from the National Arts Council.

Photo Credit: Jon Gresham

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Single Class | Wayne Rée 'Speculative Fiction in Short Stories' (Student Admission) SOLD OUT $30.00
Single Class | Daryl Qilin Yam 'Coping Mechanisms: Exploring the Human Condition Through Fiction Writing' SOLD OUT $60.00
Single Class | Daryl Qilin Yam 'Coping Mechanisms: Exploring the Human Condition Through Fiction Writing' (Student Admission) SOLD OUT $30.00
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